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Trip to Cuba February 2018

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I have set up this website to assist you.

Sept 26, 2016




A Few Past Tours

 Family Circle Tour of Iceland July 2015



Feb 2016 Photos:

1.  Toronto, Santa Clara

2.  Cienfuegos, Trinidad

3. Svinaflˇa, Havana, Vinales

4. Niagarafoss og Toronto

Feb 2015 Photos:

Day 1 & 2  Santa Clara, Cienfuegos

Day 3 & 4 Cienfuegos, Trinidad

Day 5 & 6 Bay of Pigs, Havana

Day 7 & 8 Havana, Varadero









Kent Bjornsson Private Day Tours

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I do private day tours and help people with travel suggestions.

I do day tours all over Iceland but my main departure / pick up area is Reykjavik and the Capital Region of Iceland.


Feel free to check out these websites that I work on and I look forward to assisting you with your travel plans.


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